AlNiCo Magnets

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AlNiCo Magnets Description

AlNiCo material is comprised of aluminum,nickel,cobalt and iron with varying additions of other elements. There are two different manufacturing processes for AlNiCo:Cast and sintered. Cast AlNiCo can be made into many sizes and shapes,whereas Sintered AlNiCo is usually restricted to smaller sizes. However,both processes lead themselves to complex geometries and configurations. Standard Sintered AlNiCo has tighter dimensional tolerances due to its processing. It also has slighty lower magnetic properties,but better mechanical strength than Cast AlNiCo products. They are most suitable for small sizes that are less than 1 oz. It also results in parts that are structurally stronger than the cast alnico magnets. With the sintering process, one can achieve relatively close tolerances without any grinding.

Production: costing and powder metallurgy
 Constitution: Al-Ni-Fe-Co
 Performance: well performance in temperature stability
 Processing: various sizes and shapes.
 Application: Applied in instruments and other like fields..

 The name of Alnico magnets comes from its main compositions-Al, Ni, Co. They are made through casting and sintered. They are inexpensive and have wide temperature stability. Thus, compared to other permanent magnet materials, they have such obvious advantages as bellow:
 1. solid and breakable

  AiNiCo magnets

 In the 1930s, early permanent AlNiCo magnets came into being and predominated over the permanent magnetic material due to its excellent properties. AlNico magnet is a kind of alloy formed by Al, Ni, Co and other trace elements. Its function and magnetic performance vary because of different compositions of metals. There are two kinds of production, costing and sintered. Through costing, magnets can be manufactured into various sizes and shapes. But sintered is suitable for making small size of magnets. The dimensional tolerance of blanks by sintered is better and more workable than that by costing, but the magnetic properties are slightly lower than costing products. Among the magnetic materials, AlNiCo magnets have the lowest reversible temperature coefficient, and its working temperature is up to 600 ℃. AlNiCo magnets are commonly applied in all kinds of instrumentations and other fields.


 1. High Frequency Induction Melting Technology. Our raw materials are in accordance with the standards of International Environmental Protection Organization (IEPO) and ROHS
 2. A high standard of gold finishing techniques. The minimum tolerance can be ±0.01mm.
 3. Thermal control of the directional columnar crystal ingot Technology.
 4. Automatic Heating Equipment to make sure consistency of magnet properties.
 5. Laboratory of Physics and Chemistry for studying the relation between AlNiCo properties and its constitution and developing new kind of magnets by using new achievements in scientific research.

Process flow sheet

sintered AlNiCo

 Raw materials → ingredients → magnetic powdering → pressing →sintered → heating → magnets test →       → products test → packing

Costing AlNiCo
 Raw materials → ingredients → melting → costing → heating → magnets test →       → products test → packing