Thin wall ring black magnet

Thin wall ring black  magnet

  • Thin wall ring black  magnet
  • Thin wall ring black  magnet
  • Thin wall ring black  magnet

Product Description

Permanent black epoxy magnet:
1. High size precision,
2. Complicated shape and muti-poles
3. SST:48/72 hours.

We are professional manufacture of Bonded NdFeB Magnets.

Our Belief: You Tast, My Quality, Good Partners, We are.

 procuct name: Thin wall ring permanent black epoxy magnet

Magnet Information
Description Bonded NdFeB Magnet
Material:  Quick-quenched NdFeB magnetic powder with bonding agent.
Shape:  Ring, Thin-wall ring, Disc, Cylinder, Segment, Irregular shapes-With special shape requirement, we have own R & D dept. to support
Coating: Anti-Rust Oil, Spray Rolling, Black, Grey Epoxy, Special Soak
Magnetic Performance Sheet
Grade Remanence (Br)


max kJ/m3

mT KJ/M3  (Tw°C)
kGs MGOe  
BNP-6 0.55-0.62 44-56(5.5-7.0) 100
BNP-8L 0.60-0.64 56-64(7.0-8.0) 110
BNP-8 0.62-0.69 64-72(8.0-9.0) 120
BNP-8SR 0.62-0.66 64-72(8.0-10.5) 150
BNP-8H 0.61-0.65 64-72(8.0-10.5) 125
BNP-9 0.65-0.70 70-76(8.8-9.5) 120
BNP-10 0.62-0.66 76-84(9.5-10.5) 120
BNP-11 0.70-0.74 80-88(10.0-11.0) 120
BNP-11L 0.70-0.74 78-84(9.8-10.5) 110
BN-12 0.74-0.80 84-92(10.5-11.5) 110
Magnet Coating
Coating Thickness  (Microns) Color Resistance 
Anti-Rust Oil 1 Trancparency Temporary Protection
Spray Rolling 10-50 Common Black or other color 24 hours of salt spray test
Epoxy 25-50 Grey, Black 48 hours of salt spray test, 240 hours of constant temperature and humidity
Parylene 10-50 Trancparency 200 hours of Salt Spray. Superior Against Solvents, Gases, Fungi and Bacteria
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